About Gerbil Society

Welcome to Gerbil Society, a comprehensive resource dedicated to gerbil enthusiasts. Founded by father and daughter Steven and Isabelle, our mission is to provide reliable information and guidance on gerbil care, behavior, and more. We understand that gerbils make wonderful pets, and we are here to share our knowledge and passion with you.

Our Story

Gerbil Society is the culmination of our years of experience as gerbil owners. We have had the privilege of nurturing and caring for these small, curious creatures, which has deepened our appreciation for them. Our journey with gerbils began in the UK, and while we’re currently in the midst of renovating our home in a new country, we eagerly anticipate welcoming gerbils back into our lives once the conditions are suitable.

Website Purpose:

Our website is designed for individuals who are considering gerbil ownership or are seeking to expand their knowledge about these delightful animals. We offer a range of content, from Gerbil Health to Gerbil Breeds, to help you become a knowledgeable and responsible gerbil owner.

What You’ll Find Here:

  • Gerbil Health: In this section, we delve into the well-being of gerbils, covering topics like nutrition, grooming, and common health issues.
  • Gerbil Food And Drink: Discover what’s on the menu for gerbils and how to ensure they receive a balanced diet.
  • Gerbil Behaviour: Unravel the fascinating world of gerbil behavior, from their social interactions to unique habits.
  • Gerbil Breeds: Learn about the various gerbil breeds and their distinctive characteristics.
  • Gerbil Guides: Find practical advice and step-by-step guides on various aspects of gerbil care.
  • Gerbil Questions and Answers: Have a specific query? Our Gerbil Questions and Answers section is here to address your gerbil-related questions.

We believe that well-informed gerbil owners make happier gerbils, and that’s what we aim to achieve through Gerbil Society.

Join Our Community:

We encourage you to join our community and connect with fellow gerbil enthusiasts. Share your experiences, seek advice, and learn from others who have a passion for gerbils just like we do.

Thank you for visiting Gerbil Society. We look forward to being your trusted source for all things gerbil-related. Together, let’s create a happier and healthier environment for these wonderful little creatures.

Steven & Isabelle