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Gerbils Who Bite

Posted in Care on 22/04/2019

As a rule, you are not likely to receive a proper “bite” from your Gerbil if handled and treated correctly.  Like most rodents, Gerbils may test bite as a way of determining just what exactly you are and if you are edible! If your Gerbil bites – ask yourself these questions. * What was I doing at the time of the biting? Were you holding the Gerbil correctly?  Did you startle it or pick it Read More »

Gerbil Introductions

Posted in Care on 22/04/2019

In the past, it has been thought that it is impossible to introduce Gerbils to each other unless they have been together from birth.  This isn’t technically true, as by using a proper, safe method called “Split Caging”,  this is in fact relatively easy to achieve. Taking two unrelated or unknown Gerbils and throwing them in a tank together is just asking for trouble.   As a species they are very territorial, forming strong family bonds Read More »

How To Take Care Of A Gerbil - A Beginners Guide To Gerbils

Posted in Care on 28/01/2018

Beginners Guide To Gerbils

Gerbils are very fun and active pets which, depending on breed, are most active during the day, unlike hamsters which are more active in the evening and night time.Gerbils are fairly low maintenance pets to keep and affordable compared to other animals.They make great pets and in this guide, we will cover their basic needs and how to care for them.